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Why Templetronics?


Why should you choose Templetronics when there are so many of Designers/Consultants/Experts/Technologists/Service Providers around?

Your project, your success, our contribution

Engagement of an external supplier can be a fraught business, especially if the supplier cannot deliver. This applies not only to SMEs but to cooperations with larger enterprises as well.

We hope this page will answer the question above, and demonstrate succinctly why engaging us is the
right choice for your project.

  • Technical experience: look at what we offer and our past history
  • Customer focus: striving to meet your requirements in terms of performance and budget (our track record, and referrals should highlight this)
  • Capability: design and development backed by extensive experience and a realistic approach to project delivery
  • Adaptivity and versatility: engagement and delivery across numerous projects in industries and technology, with continuous learning and development and improvement, either autonomous or team working
  • Pro-activity:striving to find solutions to problems before they impact progression
  • Cost effectiveness: a fair and transparent pricing structure to keep you budget in check and your project on target
  • Communication: consultation with you every step of the way
  • Partnership: working with you to achieve your goals
  • Perspective: understanding other technical specialists, managers, finance, manufacturing, clients, customers, end-users
  • Systems: consideration on both high level system and low level design/implementation, hardware and software interaction, electronics and mechanics, aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, fit for purpose (quality), environment, EMC
  • Focus:on your projects success
  • Solutions oriented: to help you achieve success

Here are some notable aspects of our input to projects that have assisted our Clients:

  • Saved a Client from a multi-million Euro late penalty clause for late delivery to an end customer
  • Solved a high yield production problem due to temperature sensitivity on a bought-in power supply design from a supplier
  • Installed repeatable processes and work flows compliant to RTCA DO-254/ED 80 for board level electronics and programmable logic
  • No action certification of electronics designs following FAA cerification audits to RTCA DO-254 /ED 80
  • Passed FCC Part 15 Class B emissions on a network equipment design at the prototype stage
  • Achieved JEDEC standards for PC2600 DDR memory on a board level registered DIMM implementation via correct signal integrity analysis and PCB layout, and PC3-10600 for SODIMM system design for DDR3.
  • Achieved 5Gbps - 6.5Gbps long/short range across interconnects and 10GBE XAUI offboard across VITA 57 (FMC) designs
  • De-risked ASIC designs by incorporating and proving functions in programmble logic prior to ASIC mask production
  • Modular design and obsolescence mitigation into the design stage
  • Cost saving to a Client in terms of alternative design proposals based on design experience and knowledge of the EDA (electronics design automation) market
  • Cost reduced systems proposal to a Client saving almost 2 million Euros compared to a competitor proposal, and setting Client on the development path to their own systems versus reliance on bought in systems.

We invite you to browse this website at your leisure to discover how we can assist your project to a successful conclusion.

Refer to our Testimonials pages to see what previous Clients have said about our input to their projects.

See our frequently asked questions page for more information or Contact us directly to see how we can assist you.

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