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The following lists the companies that the design expertise that makes up Templetronics has contributed to in their respective products and systems through direct assignment or association through assignment to a primary contractor:

Embedded System

  • Aermatica SpA (systems & consultancy)
  • Airbus (product subsystem design) (via association)
  • Boeing (product subsystem design) (via association)
  • British Steel PLC (industrial installation and process control)
  • Matra-BAe Dynamics (now MBDA) (product design) (via association)
  • GE (General Electric - avionics and rugged computing) (product design)
  • Goodrich Control Systems (product design)
  • Goodrich Power Systems (product design, consultancy)
  • Honeywell Systems (product design and development, consultancy)
  • Lucas Varity (product design)
  • Lightpoint Medical (product design, consultancy)
  • MTU Aero Engines/Daimler Chrysler (product design, consultancy)
  • NSN - Nokia Siemens Networks (product design, consultancy)
  • Philips Semiconductors (product development)
  • Rolls Royce PLC (product sub-system design) (via association)
  • Raytheon Systems (product sub-system design) (via association)
  • Schneider Electric PLC (product design and development, consultancy)
  • Siemens Automation (product design and development)
  • TRW Systems (product design)
  • Vibro-Meter SA/Meggitt Sensing Systems (product design and consultancy)
  • QinetiQ (product design and development, consultancy)

Refer to our Testimonials page to see what our previous Clients have said about our contribution to their projects.

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