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Embedded Systems

Design Services

Templetronics is pleased to offer the following embedded systems design expertise:

  • System level considerations, e.g. power on-sequencing and reset strategies, thermal design & relief, grounding, segmentation & partitioning, signal integrity, PCB design

Software Capability **

  • Board Support Package (BSP) design
  • Device driver creation and integration into the OS
  • Embedded Linux®

Toolchain *

  • WindRiver
  • Eclipse
  • Freescale CodeWarrior

Languages: high and low level **

  • C
  • C++
  • Assembler

We offer full board bring-up as standard to our systems

* note that emulator and tool costs may apply for designs

** with software partner expertise

  • Board and System architecture
  • Industry standard commercial CPUs, MCUs, microprocessors and network processor including: ARM 9/11; PowerPC:MPCXXXX/PowerQUICCI/II/III, QorIQ PXXXX/T10XX/20XX series; Intel x86, 80x51, Network Processors (Digi/Netsilicon 9215, Cavium CN56XX, CN65XX)*
  • DSPs: TI TMS320x series
  • Soft core/IP or board based CPU systems
  • CPU/DSP, CPU/FPGA, DSP/FPGA standalone or co-processing systems
  • Dual/multi processor systems
  • In-system programmability & remote update
  • JTAG/boundary scan and Built in Test
  • Memory technologies including: SRAM; SDRAM; DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DDR3L SDRAM; QDR/QDR2 SRAM; EEPROM; Flash (NOR & NAND); M-RAM, F-RAM
  • Propriatory bus & interface protocols: CAN; I2C; Ethernet (10/100/1000) (& associated PHY/MAC interfaces: MII/GMII/RGMII/SGMII); XAUI (10GbE); SPI; LVDS; PCI; PCIe Gen1/2; SATA, sRIO; USB 1.0/2.0
  • RISC processor based SoCs & IP processor integration (ASIC and FPGA)
  • Full board design and support electronics
  • Complete embedded system design: single and multi board
  • Onboard, backplane and extension designs using VITA and VME standards
  • Support and security technologies such as TPM for cyber security and Root of Trust

We will design with any CPU/MCU/DSP/microcontroller or combination thereof. This includes multiprocessor/multi rate systems using FPGAs.

Templetronics has designed a wide range of embedded digital systems ranging from digital control systems and data acquisition systems, telemetry systems, and even mobile telecommunications base-stations and commercial communications systems.

Embedded System electronic system on a printed circuit board

Offering a portfolio of extensive embedded systems development experience, ranging from embedded control, telemetry, network and telecoms, and data acquisition and control platforms to rugged high performance computing platforms, pushing data between on board devices as well as multi Gbps interfaces across interconnect and backplanes, our embedded systems experience ranges from RISC processor ASIC & SoCs and network processor systems, to mixed DSP processor and FPGA co-processing board solutions.

We can architect a system based on performance and bandwidth, being conversant with network and interface technologies and performance.

Our processor exposure ranges from the industry standard 8 bit 8051 microprocessors, to 32 & 64 bit devices such as ARM9/11 through to TI TMS320XXX series DSPs, Freescale (NXP) PowerPC, Intel x86 platforms, Network & communications processors (Cavium, Digi/Net-Silicon, Freescale QorIQ), and ASIC based 32 bit RISC processors instantiated as IP, supported by a host of high bandwidth peripherals, network and memory interfaces experience.

We are conversant with network interfaces and interface components and their respective protocols, and can offer partner expertise in software development, including Embedded Linux® systems with our software development partners, can produce test code, device drivers and a full BSP.

We will design with the best device for the job based on system requirements to architect and achieve a fully fit for purpose system.

With the proliferation of embedded microprocessor based systems, and the emergence of network connected IoT devices, our embedded systems experience will be invaluable to both existing and start-up companies.

We were early designers with TPM modules, establishing a Root of Trust boot sequence as part of commercial network equipment. These modules are now very commonplace in PC's and laptops and finding their way into embedded and industrial platforms to enhance cyber security.

Cyber security is being recognised as a serious threat issue on embedded and industrial platforms as equipment is becoming more networked, and due to the centralisation of control CPUs due to system economics and processing device and SoC improvements. In ARM™ processors, Trustzone is becoming widely used a method of establishing validity of new code, forming part of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

We offer detailed experience on data integrity mechanisms such as CRC and parity, going hand in hand with solid electrical integrity techniques such as high speed digital, SI, PI, EMC and
thermal considerations in our comprehensive portfolio.

See our Embedded Projects page for more details, and also see the High Speed Digital Design projects pages for details on previous work.

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Electronics Embedded system components on a printed circuit board
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