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Analogue Design

Design Services

Templetronics is pleased to offer the following analogue electronics design services to aid your project.

We can design for the following areas:

  • Audio
  • Data acquisition
  • Circuit Protection
  • Data interface & transmission
  • Control systems
  • Motor drives
  • Instrumentation & measurement
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Video

  • Actuator drives: motor and solenoid
  • Analogue-to-digital interfacing
  • Analogue-to-Digital Conversion using Flash, Integrating, Pipeline, Sigma Delta and Successive Approximation types
  • Analogue signal processing
  • Charge amplifier design
  • Data Acqusition/Instrumentation design
  • Digital to Analogue and reconstruction
  • DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis)
  • ESD/transient protection
  • Filter design: passive, active and EMI
  • Galvanically isolated/high CMTI systems
  • High speed analogue design
  • High performance analogue design
  • High power analogue design (high voltage and high current realisations)
  • Instrumentation Amplifier design
  • Low noise/precision design
  • Power supply design (linear and switched-mode), power distribution and protection
  • Power electronics and associated drive and protection circuitry
  • Sensor interfacing, linear and reactive sensors: Resistive, RTD, Thermocouple, LVDT, RVDT
  • Signal conditioning / signal chain design
  • Single and dual rail amplifier design
  • Transient and pulsed circuit design
  • Transistor, IGBT and MOSFET circuit design
  • Transducer/sensor interfacing
  • Video amplifier Design
  • Voltage and current feedback operational amplifier circuit design

The above are applied to PCB level analogue design.

Analogue Electronics Symbols

With extensive analogue electronics design experience across a variety of high performance analogue electronics applications at low power, precision and high power (both high voltage and high current implementations), circuit genres and applications, DC to high-frequency, we will design a circuit to meet your needs.

From precision millivolt sensor interfaces such as RTDs and thermouples to DC and AC signal amplification (10Hz - >25MHz), and high power switching and power supplies, we offer a comprehensive analogue circuit development portfolio, designing signal chain, ADC interfacing (including anti-alias filters), through to power circuit drives sourcing and sinking amps of current from high voltage/high current sources, and power supplies.

Understanding device performance and the trade-offs required for succesful analogue circuit design, is crucial for circuit performance.

No two analogue designs are the same. Even circuit re-use has to be analysed in terms of the target system requirements.

Despite the rapidity and usefulness of the method, we do not believe in design proving just by simulation: the variants in analogue design are too great. We design a prototype following best practice design techniques, then optimize the design based on performance, environment and temperature, doing the correct design analysis on the way.

Therefore all analogue circuits are fully simulated and prototyped and then optimized, if necessary, to provide a final design solution.

We can perform tolerance and temperature analysis and worst case circuit analysis (WCCA) , together with standard methods of analysis for circuits and systems such as stress analysis, and failure mode effect/failure mode effect and cause analysis (FMEA/FMECA). All these methods yield a reliable design and are mandatory for safety critical applications.

We have design experience in transistor level and operational amplifier circuit design, applied to switches, amplifiers, signal chain solutions and power supplies and circuits. We are comfortable at both low and high frequency, and low and high power.

Our application areas have included high frequency analogue, signal conditioning/precision measurement, analogue signal processing, power supplies and power electronics and drive circuits.

Understanding the trade-offs with analogue and signal chain circuits, as well as common ADC types from low frequency precision 24 bit Sigma Delta to high speed sampling using pipeline ADCs at hundreds of Mega samples per second (MSPS), our experience in Data Acquisition and signal chain will be invaluable to the design of high performance measurement systems.

We provide extensive power circuit designs in our portfolio: our power electronics experience and power solutions expertise, with experience in both custom and off the shelf switched mode power supply design and layout expertise, will help to minimise EMI from these circuits, as well as power electronics emissions control. Refer to our EMC design pages, also.

Even with the proliferation of digital electronics, all electronic circuit require power. We have vast experience in power system strategies, on and off card for electronic systems, and wide experience in point of load (POL) power conversion.

See our Analogue Projects page for more details.

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