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Design Services

Templetronics is pleased to offer the following Digital Signal Processing based design services:

Applications covered:

  • Bio-medical
  • Digital control
  • Image processing
  • Instrumentation/data acquisition
  • Communications
  • Industrial


  • MATLAB/Simulink (& associated toolboxes)
  • C/C++ *
  • Custom HDL algorithms design & implementation

* software partners may be utilised for this service

  • Adaptive systems
  • Algorithms development and implementation inc. FFTs, DCTs
  • ASIC/FPGA based DSP systems
  • Custom digital arithmetic functions and MAC engines
  • Correlation
  • CORDIC processor based algorithms
  • Digital filter design (IIR & FIR, decimation, windowed synch) and implementation
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
  • DSP/FPGA and MCU/FPGA and MCU/DSP co-processing systems
  • Embedded DSP platforms including TI TMS series devices
  • Finite implementation effects
  • Frequency analysis
  • Interpolation and deconvolution
  • Model based design
  • Multi-rate signal processing
  • Multi processor systems
  • System architecture and implementation
  • System identification
  • System modelling

DSP has become commonplace in a variety of applications from communications, where digital filters can be implemented to provide much sharper characteristics than analogue filters along, to video processing, whereas the Discrete Cosine Transform has gained prominence. Frequency analysis using FFT's is now commonplace in CBM/PCM equipment, as well as a basic feature in many modern oscilloscopes. Digital filters are commonplace in ultrasound and ECG equipment, and algorithms are forming the backbone of AI driven implementations.

We offer a full digital signal processing design service. Our speciality is DSP targeted to hardware systems, from ASIC and FPGA to embedded DSP processor solutions and platforms.

Particularly, we have extensive experience in digital signal processing and complex algorithms design, designed and implemented in VHDL, targeting both custom ASICs and FPGA devices.

From simple first order IIR to more advanced multi-tap FIR filter design, we have extensive filter design and implementation experience, as well as deconvolution and windowed synch filter topologies.

With high level system development tool experience such as MATLAB/Simulink, and associated toolboxes we can develop a rapid algorithm, and implement it, either using custom coding methods or newer system to HDL tools.

We have experience in both multi-processor processor system platforms and also combined DSP processor/FPGA platforms.

With commercial hardware DSP experience, extensive processing platforms and algorithmic design and implementation, we can architect and implement intelligent based platforms, develop your algorithm, optimized for a particular hardware system, whether programmable logic based or embedded processor/DSP based, and with partner high level language programming, assist you in the development of DSP platforms.

Refer also to our Embedded Systems page.

See our DSP Projects page for more details.

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Digital Signal Processing impulse response

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