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Mixed Signal

Design Services

Templetronics is able to offer the following mixed signal design services as part of our portfolio:

analogue and digital electronics components on a printed circuit board

  • Analogue-to-digital interfacing
  • Precision analogue measurement and instrumentation
  • Digital control of analogue circuits inc. power
  • High speed digital alongside analogue circuits
  • Avoiding noise contamination
  • Low noise design

The design expertise that is behind Templetronics has been responsible for some successful mixed signal designs in the past.

From digitally controlled power switches to analogue-digital interfacing and complex signal processing instrumentation systems, we have created reliable, low noise analogue precision designs alongside high speed digital circuitry that work.

Different operational activity can interfere with other adjacent circuits. We know how to design mixed signal boards with the minimum of problems.

Voltage levels, signal speeds and transitions, technology interaction, grounding: all these are potential pitfalls faced in the analogue and digital world. On chip, mixed process or the more common BiCMOS proces has its own considerations.

The myriad of problems faced by a mix signal design encompass many of our areas of expertise: analogue, digital design, high speed design & signal integrity, EMC. All these factors contribute to a successful design.

We can design or assist you in your design, to obtain a successful mixed signal design.

See our Mixed Signal Projects page for more information on past designs.

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passice surface mount components and integated circuits on an electronics circuit
Integrated circuits surface mount deveices and SIL resistor packs on a PCB

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