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Design House Services

Design Services

Templetronics offers the following in-house design services to forward your project:

Electronics devices on a printed circuit board

Analogue Services

Full analogue simulation using B2Spice, Saber, PSpice, LTSpice, TINA, SiMetrix (or additional analogue simulation software as required)*.

Analogue circuit design, simulation, verification and build to specification and prototyping.

All services as described in our Analogue Design Services page

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Analogue electronics circuit symbols

Control Systems

Full MATLAB/Simulink* simulation and performance analysis of controller and plant (we can construct accurate models or use your own)
Electronic control systems and controller design.

All services as described in our Control Systems Design Services page

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Control system response

Digital Services

  • ASIC design and consultancy: specification, RTL design implementation, verification, pre and post layout, synthesis, ATVG, liaison with fab **. Full design flow input.
  • ASIC prototyping in FPGAs
  • ASICs/FPGA simulation
  • ASIC/FPGA Static Timing Analysis (STA)
  • Board Level Digital Systems Timing Analysis (spreadsheet and simulation tool based)
  • DDR/Source Synchronous Timing Analysis (spreadsheet and simulation tool based (Mentor HyperLynx DDRx/Allegro SI)*
  • Embedded systems design (full concept, architecture and implementation including software/BSP support)
  • FPGA design, simulation and implementation (Intel (formerly Altera), Microchip/MicroSemi (formerly Actel) and Xilinx, Lattice). Full design flow.
  • High Speed Digital design including source synchronous memory interface simulation and timing analysis.
  • High Speed Digital Simulation of PCBs (Mentor Graphics HyperLynx GHz/DDRx; Zuken Cadstar SIVerify; Cadence Allegro SI/Sigrity, Altium designer) (critical net analysis, termination scheme analysis, Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Distribution Networks (PDN), Zuken Power Integrity Advance, Cadence Sigrity)*
  • GBps serial link signal integrity (as per High Speed Digital Simulation, but with SERDES modelling in the latest tools such as Mentor HyperLynx, Cadence SI/Sigrity, IBIS AMI, Symberion Interconnect and Agilent ADS)*
  • Power Integrity (PI)/Power Distribution Networks (PDN)(Mentor Hyperlynx, Zuken SIVerify/Power Integrity Advance, Cadence Sigrity)
  • Signal Integrity (SI) simulation (Mentor Hyperlynx, Zuken Cadstar SIVerify, Cadence Sigrity)
  • All design services as described in our ASIC/FPGA, High Speed Digital and Signal Integrity pages. Please note we do not offer ASIC design house services other than those listed above.
  • Testbench and model development in VHDL and Verilog
  • We provide these services as either standalone, or in co-design simulation, the working with the design authority in simulation

* tooling license costs may apply.
** NREs charges are between the Client and silicon fab.

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ASIC Integrated Circuit


We offer the following EMC risk reduction analysis services using the latest 3D EM/FE tools:

  • Ansys
  • Zuken CADSTAR EMC Adviser
  • Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx (formerley Quiet Expert)

This value added service is performed at concept helping you minimise your risk of design re-spins due to poor EM performance.

Please note costs for this service will include simulation tool charges.

All design services as advertised on our EMC design services page

Contact us for a quotation for this work.

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E field fringing from an integrated circuit on a PCB

PCB Design

We offer a complete PCB design service for analogue (low and high power), digital and mixed signal technologies.

We can design your PCBs and optimise them for performance, ensuring signal integrity, EMC, thermal, mechanical and component considerations are met, respecting device usage. We provide a full design for test and manufacture (DFT/DFM) PCB service liaising with partner layout and manufacturing services, considering their processes.

  • Full PCB design from concept to schematic capture to layout
  • Test/evaluation board design for analogue circuits, SoCs, ASICs, MCUs, DSPs, processors and FPGAs
  • Analogue, digital or mixed signal design
  • PCB layout is performed with a third party PCB layout partner
  • All aspects of high speed digital design as per our High Speed and Signal Integrity pages, with the added benefit of our EMC knowledge

All services come with a full performance report and full analysis and feedback, allowing you to assess risks to your design. Advice is given on how to minimise risks and problems in your design.

RoHS and WEEE: all designs will be undertaken with these directives considered, and unless otherwise specified or required, all components for board designs will be chosen as RoHS compliant. Please also see our Product Design page.

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oange PCB

Contact Us for more information on how we can assist you.

* please note license costs for simulation software maybe applicable as necessary

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